Rational Surgical Solutions to Exhibit at 20th Annual Dementia Education Conference


Des Moines, IA: March 29, 2017: Rational Surgical Solutions (RSS) will exhibit at the 20th Annual Dementia Education Conference (April 6th at the Radisson Hotel, Cromwell, CT). At the conference, RSS will feature the Rati-Fi® Patient Education System, an innovative iPad-based application that can help Alzheimer patients retain their independence longer and improve patient safety.

“Alzheimer’s patients often lose their independence when they can no longer remember their doctor’s instructions,” said Dr. Jonathan Fialkov, RSS President & Founder. “One of the key benefits of the Rati-Fi system is that it records patient-doctor consults. That means that patients and their caregivers can review the video on the Patient CareSite™ Portal from their homes and stay completely current with the doctor’s recommendations.” Fialkov explained having access to the recordings significantly reduces caregiver anxiety and allows the patient to control the process. “Caregivers experience tremendous anxiety when they aren’t informed about recommended treatment options, but often do not want to intrude on the patient’s relationship with his or her physician.”

In addition to providing a recorded record of all interactions with doctors and other healthcare professionals, the Rati-Fi System provides a secure messaging platform between patients and their providers. This includes email exchanges, appointment reminders, and the ability to schedule appointments.


About Rational Surgical Solutions

Rational Surgical Solutions, based in Des Moines, IA, was founded by Dr. Jonathan Fialkov, a urologist, in 2014. Dr. Fialkov’s extensive experience in his field and the healthcare industry, gives him unique insights into the challenges faced by physicians today. The company is developing a portfolio of products that will help physicians, surgeons and advanced practitioners leverage mHealth technology to improve patient care and education; revolutionize the informed consent process; increase the efficiency of healthcare providers; and reduce costs. For more information, or to schedule a free demo, visit: http://www.rati-fi.com.