Bladder CancerKey Micronutrients Lacking in Black Bladder Cancer Survivors' Diets

Researchers have uncovered racial disparities in nutrition among bladder cancer survivors that possibly help explain the racial differences in longevity. The study was presented at the American Urological Association 2016 annual meeting.

Although African Americans have a lower risk of developing bladder cancer than Caucasians, they have a higher mortality risk from the disease. Lifestyle factors such as diet might play a role.

Having a higher intake of specific micronutrients is thought to be inversely related to bladder cancer risk. Investigators from Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC, led by medical student Ajay Gopalakrishna, examined intake of key micronutrients by 472 bladder cancer survivors living in the southeastern United States. Survivors completed the 151-item Diet History Questionnaire II, which captures intake of 134 food items and 8 supplements in the prior month, including portion sizes. Among survivors (average age 74 years), 87% were Caucasian, 8% African American, and 5% other race.

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