Under review by the CDC and the Veterans Health Administration

With COVID-19 Digital Triage, patients are pre-screened and directed to appropriate care. Quickly. Safely.

IT Compliant

Rati-Fi’s COVID-19 DIGITAL TRIAGE solution is a web-enabled technology platform that resides on Microsoft’s HIPAA-Compliant and HITRUST-Certified Azure Cloud.

Ready for Government Procurement

Rati-Fi is on GSA contract IT 70 GSA GS-35F-0858N and is procurement-ready for VA consideration.

Improves VA Telehealth

  • Decrease clinical staff time
  • Improve access to Veterans in rural areas
  • Increase telehealth bandwidth by moving Veteran self-assessment to digital triage
  • Serve more Veterans while reducing burden on telehealth time/resources.
  • Prioritize urgency for telemedicine consultation
  • Access post-consultation education and instruction and full audit trail

Accelerate Pre-Screening and Care

  • Mitigate risk of exposure to health professionals and other patients
  • Accelerate the appropriate admission of patients who are pre-screened
  • Collect the patient’s Informed Consent prior to admission
  • Drive down the cost and overuse of personnel and PPE used with otherwise unqualified patients
  • Collect important profile data on patients for hospital and Department of Health review

Contact Us to Arrange a 30 minute Demo and Presentation

Objective: To review VA consideration of COVID 19 Digital Triage for Veteran Pre-Screening of Coronavirus

Modality: Live virtual via VANTS line or web conference

Time Required: 30 minutes

Required Attendees: Senior Clinical, Administrative, Executive, Financial or Contracting Officers

Content: Presentation and Demonstration

Next Steps: GSA Pricing Submission and Procurement Process Review

Contact Rati-Fi at 763.227.8462 to schedule a presentation.

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