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Informed Consent
The Rati-Fi™ Informed Consent System is an mHealth-ready iPad-based system that improves patient education and comprehension for both pre-treatment and post-care using high-quality medical animations to explain treatment options, a survey to test for comprehension and a video-based informed consent process that records the conversation with the doctor and stores the video and a PDF of the signed file securely in the cloud.
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mCRPC Master™
Clinical Guidelines
The mCRPC Master is a mobile app that supports healthcare providers in their ability to navigate and utilize current treatment guidelines for metastic catrate-resistant prostate cancer. The mCRPC Master app determines and displays appropriate treatment options and the optimal sequence to administer therapies.

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Image-guided biopsy
Imazhen™ facilitates fusion of previously acquired axial images (CT or MRI) with real-time ultrasound using standard and, in most cases, already available imaging equipment. A user-friendly, intuitive interface utilizing the iPad™ mobile device allows physicians and surgeons across multiple specialties to achieve consistently good results.

Rational Surgical Solutions, LLC

Rational Surgical Solutions (“RSS”) helps physicians, surgeons, and advanced practitioners leverage technology to improve patient care by offering transformative and proprietary process technologies. To enable healthcare providers to bring services right to the patient, RSS is developing process technology applications to facilitate a secure, mobile workspace with a focus on the use of mobile devices and cloud-based storage solutions. These solutions give healthcare providers freedom from desktop workstations and allow them to care for their patients in the clinic, at the bedside, or remotely, using electronic video telecommunications. RSS solutions will help transform care, reduce costs, and accelerate organizational change.

Rational Surgical Solutions Corporate Team

PRESIDENT Dr. Jonathan Fialkov, the founder of Rational Surgical Solutions, is a urologist in West Des Moines, Iowa. He received his medical degree from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and specializes in urology at Iowa Lutheran Hospital and Iowa Methodist Medical Center.
CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Mr. JD Geneser specializes in conducting compliance and due diligence, performing business valuations, participating in M&A work, coaching financial executives, leading process improvement and strategic planning, and developing executive compensation strategies.
CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER An entrepreneur from a young age, Mr. Tej Dhawan is the Co-Founder and Principal of StartupCity Des Moines, an early stage incubator focused on the establishment and growth of technology businesses in Des Moines.