Rati-Fi® is the only mHealth technology platform that combines both patient education and informed consent – enhancing the entirety of the care experience from start-to-finish.

Bringing continuity to patient care.

Developed by medical practitioners who saw the need for more efficiency and better communication, the Rati-Fi® system can help you mitigate risk, increase revenue, and improve patient outcomes.

Leveraging mHealth mobile app technology,

The Rati-Fi® Informed Consent System includes educational videos and a quiz to check patient comprehension.Rati-Fi® improves pre- and post-care education by using high-quality medical animations to explain treatment options, a survey to test for comprehension, and a video-based informed consent process to capture the doctor-patient conversation – storing a video of the consultation and PDF of the signed consent file securely in the cloud.

Communication. Comprehension. Consent. De-complicated.

Complexity is the enemy when helping patient’s make decisions about their medical care. Rati-Fi® simplifies the conversation for both physician and patient – ensuring clear communication, full comprehension and truly informed consent.

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High-quality videos. Higher information retention

Rati-Fi® educates patients and their caregivers using videos from the PreOp® Surgery Video Library and PreOp® Discharge series. Featuring professional medical illustrations, informative animations, and plain language, these videos describe complex medical procedures in simplified terms that patients can more easily understand.

Rati-Fi® offers access to a range of treatment topics. Click on any of the areas of expertise below to view a sample video from the series.

Expert content that earns respect.

The videos that Rati-Fi® includes in its mHealth platform are relied on for their accurate and informative content – used to support clinical training at teaching hospitals and provide patient education in other hospitals nationwide.

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Rati-Fi® seamlessly integrates...

with most major practice management software and electronic health records systems using the Rati-Fi® Connect™ HL7 interface. And, our developers manage the process for you, so you’re not required to free up staff to get Rati-Fi® up and running.