Educating patients.

Securing truly informed consent.

Engage® TrueConsent

Engage® is the only mHealth technology platform that combines both patient education and informed consent – enhancing the entirety of the care experience from start-to-finish.

Informed Consent is more than just a signature on a form.

Informed Consent is a mandatory process that must occur every time a person will be treated by a doctor, advanced practitioner, or nurse. It is particularly important to obtain informed consent when the treatment carries a risk for the person such as an operation, medication with significant side effects, or vaccination.

True informed consent requires that the person is educated about their condition, the various treatment options, the risks and benefits of these options, and have an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered.

The individual should have the opportunity to think about this information and discuss it with their families and other trusted individuals before making a decision.

Only Engage® TrueConsent offers a comprehensive but efficient process for Informed Consent that is compliant with Joint Commission and Medicare guidelines while improving patient experience and efficiency for the healthcare team.

Engage® TrueConsent provides virtual informed consent, patient education, and preparation for procedures and medical interventions to supplement in-person and telehealth visits. The Engage® system can also be used to replace mandatory, in-person patient education, such as the Orthopaedic Joint Camp for Hip and Knee Replacement surgery, with a superb virtual experience in the comfort and safety of the patient's own home at a time and pace that is most convenient and effective for the patient and their support network.  Engage® TrueConsent teleconsent is the perfect complement to telehealth!

Bringing continuity to patient care.

Developed by medical practitioners who saw the need for more efficiency and better communication, the Engage® system can help you mitigate risk, increase revenue, and improve patient outcomes.

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Patient Education

Leveraging mHealth mobile app technology,

Engage® improves pre- and post-care education by using high-quality medical animations to explain treatment options, a survey to test for comprehension, and a video-based informed consent process to capture the doctor-patient conversation – storing a video of the consultation and PDF of the signed consent file securely in the cloud.

Communication. Comprehension. Consent.

Complexity is the enemy when helping patient’s make decisions about their medical care. Engage® simplifies the conversation for both physician and patient – ensuring clear communication, full comprehension and truly informed consent.

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High-quality videos. Higher information retention.

Engage® educates patients and their caregivers using videos from the PreOp® Surgery Video Library and PreOp® Discharge series. Featuring professional medical illustrations, informative animations, and plain language, these videos describe complex medical procedures in simplified terms that patients can more easily understand.

Engage® offers access to a range of treatment topics in all major specialty areas (please see FAQ for more info).

Expert content that earns respect.

The videos that Engage® includes in its mHealth platform are relied on for their accurate and informative content – used to support clinical training at teaching hospitals and provide patient education in other hospitals nationwide.

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