Helping patients understand.

Providing education, confirmation, and informed consent.

Engage® began with the goal of ensuring that patients truly understand the procedures, surgeries or treatments they are agreeing to prior to giving their permission to proceed. Our unique technology enhances the informed consent process by creating an educational, engaging, and mobile experience that improves comprehension so patients make more informed choices.

Multiple studies show that individuals can only recall 20-30% of what they are told at the time informed consent is administered, even minutes after the discussion.1, 2 This lack of comprehension can result in poor patient satisfaction and may open the door to malpractice suits. Engage® helps relieve patient confusion.

Four Steps To More Informed Consent

The Engage® mHealth solution helps healthcare providers streamline the informed consent process using a multi-step approach delivered via an easy-to-use technology interface.

Step 1: Video Education

The experience starts with high-quality patient education videos (available in Spanish and English) that describe the upcoming treatment or procedure and provide answers to common questions. In addition, this content can be translated into 120 other languages upon request.

Step 2: Digital Confirmation

Using a patent-pending procedure, Engage® confirms the patient’s comprehension of the potential consequences of a treatment or procedure and identifies topics the patient does or does not understand. By reviewing the patient’s results, the physician can be prepared to discuss in more detail any topics flagged by the patient’s comprehension test.

Step 3: Recorded Consent

The physician-patient counseling session is documented on video and the signed consent form is captured digitally. Information is encrypted, compressed and stored on a HIPAA-compliant cloud server – where it is viewable by the patient through a secure website. If needed, the physician can also request access.

Step 4: Centralized Follow-Up

Follow-up care is an equally important part of patient recovery. With Engage®, post-care instructions and videos are available to the patient and caregivers on the secure Patient CareSiteTM. This gives patients a reliable, repeatable source of information – reducing their reliance on memory and potentially lowering the frequency of calls to the clinical team and re-admissions.

Malpractice insurance companies spend $6.4 billion annually to defend malpractice claims against physicians – and the average physician is sued every six-and-a-half years.3 A 2012 study by CRICO identified that communications factors were identified in 42% of the cases they reviewed.

Improve patient satisfaction. Protect your business.

Through the Engage® mHealth system, patients are empowered to provide truly informed consent. Learn more about how Engage® can help you provide better patient care today; contact us.


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