The Rati-Fi Shield Risk Mitigation Certification Platform addresses the impending liability crisis of employee worker’s compensation claims and customer injury claims.

Rati-Fi Shield

  • Queries employees and customers to confirm they present a low transmission risk.
  • Obtains confirmation that the user understands and will comply with processes for disease transmission mitigation in the facility
  • Documents employee informed consent for risk of disease exposure in the workplace
  • Carries out daily and ad hoc tasks on an automatic, configurable basis
  • Facilitates reporting of antibody (or other) clinical test results confirming immunity to COVID-19.

Rati-Fi Shield is licensed to your insured businesses.  The system documents compliance with corporate, local, state, and federal level COVID-19 disease mitigation guidelines.  It certifies that employees and customers are aware of and in compliance with the guidelines.

Rati-Fi Shield causes minimal disruption for organizations, provides a higher level of safety for customers and employees, and provides protection from claims.

Rati-Fi Shield is scalable, able to support the largest organizations, from small business to international.

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