Rational Surgical Solutions – the company behind Rati-Fi® – was formed to help healthcare providers leverage technology to improve patient care. By offering transformative and proprietary process technologies, we seek to facilitate a secure, mobile workspace for physicians and healthcare practitioners. Our current portfolio includes mobile apps designed to revolutionize the informed consent process, increase the efficiency of healthcare providers, and reduce costs within the system.


Jonathan Fialkov, MD – President and Founder

Dr. Jonathan Fialkov, the founder of Rational Surgical Solutions, is a urologist in West Des Moines, Iowa. He received his medical degree from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and specializes in urology at Iowa Lutheran Hospital and Iowa Methodist Medical Center.

“Over 14 years working at a clinic, I saw the same situations arise particularly with patients not understanding all of the implications of surgery. I started asking other doctors if they were having the same problem. Then I asked myself, ‘Is there something I could do when I’m communicating with people to make it easier for them to understand?’ That’s what led me to create Rati-Fi® – and devote myself full-time to it. While it was a big leap to leave my practice, I believe the potential to improve outcomes is enormous.”

Dana Herring

Dana Herring – SVP of Operations and Client Services

With many years’ experience serving the needs of customers, both internal and external, from a variety of disciplines, Dana has developed the skill to respond to business strategies with a solution customized to provide results aligned with the organizations’ objectives. He has an innate talent to simplify technology solutions in a way easily understood by the end user.

Allan Leibowitz

Allan Leibowitz, MBA, MA (Psych)

Allan Leibowitz is an Australian-based business marketing consultant who has held management positions in publishing and media on three continents.

His project management skills have been invaluable to organizations of all sizes and he has worked with clients in the public and private sectors, including some of Australia’s best-known businesses.

Based in Brisbane, he has worked widely throughout the Asia Pacific and is available to support our clients in the region.